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Some potential buyers have a reasonable question why exactly the trading platform called KRAKEN is in demand among a million people. The answer to this question is obvious. Kraken is the most advanced platform in the Internet space. The shop website is very clear in product search. All stores and products in the lists are categorized. This gives even inexperienced users a chance to find their product.

The list of stores participating in the sales impresses even seasoned buyers. On sale are all prohibited goods from weapons to intimate services. The site is the most secure. And this is a very important criterion in our modern world, where everything is monitored.
It is also worth noting the simple registration and entrance to the site. To enter, download the Tor browser. This is the most modern and secure vpn browser to date. Find the Kraken website and complete a simple captcha. On the page that appears, fill in your username and password. We recommend that you do not specify personal data, names, pin codes, phone numbers either in the login or in the password. Having a currency wallet, you pay for your purchase with bitcoins. If this is not possible, then you can use the internal exchanger and replenish your account with a card or other electronic currency. There were no cons when working with the Kraken. The vk1 website is constantly being improved for the convenience of buyers and sellers.